The Mad Architects Plans for the Squoggly House

MAUN HOUSE- Final layout + sections Model (1)

The Mad Architect has done his bit So now it is my turn to go a build it.

Sand bags are 50kg fertilizer bags filled with Kalahari sand and hydrated lime which have been tamped down. Walls are going to be mud plaster both inside and out. Floor is going tobe under-floor heated and is going to be cow dung/elephant dung clay and sand. This is going to be sealed with Linseed oil and once finished should be concrete hard. Roof rafters are gum poles and roof is thatch.

Power is all solar including the geysers.All the photovoltaic panels and geysers are going to sit on top of the roof over the verandah.

2 small cottages for guests and visitors will sit detached from the main house.

This is certainly a challenge and EISH………………………

Penny’s family is coming for Christmas 2012. No pressure at all. Volunteers to fill bags, stack bags and plaster are welcome. A tent on the edge of the Boteti river and board is all that is on offer. But for weekends ……………………….. you can disappear into the Moremi Game reserve, Makgadikgadi salt pans or Nxai pan. Some of the best wild life and bird viewing in the world

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2 Responses to The Mad Architects Plans for the Squoggly House

  1. Mike Saunders says:

    Look like a lot of hard work, get lots of buddies to visit !! I can supervise, Mike S

  2. Breeda and martin says:

    “”Swiss family robinson meets tarzan of the apes””The next exciting Mcgahan blockbuster coming soon to a theatre near Maun. Sounds absolutely fantatsic Go for it and live our dreams Martin and Breeda

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