We have arrived

Well I have admit to being very slack on my postings but life has been very busy. WE HAVE ARRIVED IN/ON OUR LITTLE PATCH OF THE KALAHARI.
After an 1100 km drive from Harare with the dog morris chairs a double bed tools stand having to go through all the various police road blocks in Zimbabwe we crossed the border into Botswana and made our way to Maun and the farm.
Our arrival at the farm and Xyga camp was not unexpected for Africa The place was locked up and no one there to open up. SO out came the proverbial African key……. A set of bolt cutters and we let ourselves in to our new home. No water no power nothing but our tents.
So we got to work making the tents livable and comfortable especially since they are home for the next 6 months We filled the water tank installed a solar panel got hot water into the shower anxious fixed the gas freezer. None of these happened overnight and some with some considerable drama. There have been a couple of times were tools have gone flying the language has been incredibly colorful and I have ended up with a major cut gash and blood oozing from some part of my body. But we hung in there and now we have black poly pipe on the ground for hot water in the showers laundry and kitchen.We have rigged the water pump that it is now a simple start we have installed a solar panel that runs our small fridge and an inverter to charge cell phones and laptops.So things are looking up
Land clearing for the Squoggly house started last week and this week we started on the farm side SANDBAGS have been a problem as suppliers have let us down unfortunately But we think we have a reliable supplier now Test bags are going to be done this week So lots happening which is keeping me out of trouble.
Our poor dog Portal who endured the 2 day drive and left a very nice green garden to be dumped in the desert has settled in very well Albeit not without the odd thorn in her paw. She has become a great her dog chasing out the cows goats and donkeys

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